moonvoice (moonvoice) wrote in wildforflowers,

Hi all, I'm new.

And I'm also an avid amateur wildflower photographer / bushwalker in Perth, Western Australia. My primary haunts are Koondoola bushland and soon to be Ellenbrook.

Anyway, here's some offerings under the cut! All of these were photographed in the wild, and they're all (unless otherwise indicated) natives. Some of the photos I take are of feral or introduced plants though (that have spread to the bushland).

Some form of native Daviesia probably; but there are so many of these (hundreds of species) that I am not so good at identifying specific ones.

Another native Daviesia.

Cowkicks. :)

The smokebush in flower.

Banksia iliafolia has the distinction of being one of a few Australian plants that start off with white flowers that age to red. So bicolour flowers are common on this tree.

This is in its white stage:

And in its red stage (isn't it beautiful?):

At Whiteman Park, the insanely pretty needle-leaved smokebush (Conospermum acerosum):

Our floral emblem, the red kangaroo paw.

I believe this is milkweed. It overtakes the bushland for a short amount of time, but it's gone now:

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